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CelebrateLAB® West Africa Conference 2022

April 20 - 21, 2022
Alisa Hotel - Accra, Ghana

Conference Streams

8 thoughts on “Conference Streams”

  1. Will recordings be available after the conference? I missed a session due to a work conflict.

    Also, will there be access to the posters presented at the conference?

    Thank you for a informative conference.

  2. Question from Youtube for opening plenary: Oluwamuyiwa Ogunkoya
    ​What is being done to translate data into policies in Africa on a large scale? Data and policies, in Africa, seem like two isolated entities.
    ​And how fast can these data be accessed to address current trends? Not after cases have died down

  3. Good day all,
    I am Genetrix Ogbuka, the Publicity Secretary of the Nigerian Medical Laboratory Science Students.

    This conference is really a good one and filled with vital information. Thank you for that.

    My question is this;
    In the Laboratory practice and testing, is it right to cut into two the strips used for urinalysis,maybe to make more gains. Same with the culture plates

  4. The conference is interesting & question is How do you handle a situation where a Physician direct u to carry out a test for his patients & he instructed u not to register d test results in d results register but rather give him d results directly?

    1. It is a NO, NO! If its not documented, its not done according to QMS practice. there are consequences; First that is stealing

      1). the resources used cannot be accounted for.
      2) If there are legal issues with the result, he will name you but you cannot have traceability
      3) You are lowering your standard as a professional and he will not respect your professionality. Can you order any physician to do same for you and do you think he will even do it if you muster the courage to ask.

      If we want to be respected as laboratory professionals then it’s time we behave as such. Our work is pivotal in diagnostics and so we have to put value on the work we do. Just check COVID and ask that without the laboratory, where will the world be???

  5. A very impacting and educating conference. With initiatives as this, Africa will begin to get it right with regards to healthcare delivery. GUNGRET YILJEP, Student Medical Laboratory Scientist, University of Jos, Nigeria.

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