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CelebrateLAB® West Africa Conference 2022

April 20 - 21, 2022
Alisa Hotel - Accra, Ghana

Theme: "Ensuring diagnostic capability and vaccine sufficiency as panacea to combating infectious diseases in West Africa”

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Conference Schedule


Breakfast / PosterSession

Opening Statement
Opening Plenary - West African Scientifics in a Pandemic Era: Diagnostics and Vaccine Development

Workshop I - Covid-19 Past, Current and Future in Review for West Africa
Workshop II - Global Health Security - Lessons from the current and projection for future pandemics

Workshop III - Future Application: Automated PCR Technologies for Diagnostics and Surveillance of HIV, TB, and Malaria
Workshop IV - Lab and Research Role in Public Health and other Future Outbreaks

Workshop V - Biomedical Engineering and the Laboratory Profession
Workshop VI - Technology Behind Vaccine Production and the Benefits for Africa

Workshop VII - Understanding Lassa Fever in West Africa: Ongoing Research and Next Steps


Breakfast / PosterSession

Opening Statement

Opening Plenary - Human Resources and Diagnostics Capacity in West Africa

Workshop VIII - Pre-Service: Classroom Lessons in Professionalism and Ethics Post-Pandemic
Workshop IX - Use of post-pandemic laboratory data in improving diagnostic capabilities for emerging and re-emerging infections in West Africa

Workshop X - CLWA 2021 communique: what has come out of recommendations; Mentorship
Workshop XI - Competency in malaria diagnostics control

Workshop XII - Sustaining the culture of QA in clinical and research laboratories.
Workshop XIII - Next generation diagnostics: Should the Medical Laboratory Scientists be worried?

Workshop XIV - Combating Antimicrobial Resistance/AMR
Workshop XV- Supply Chain - Diagnostics, Drugs, Medical Technology, and Logistics Management

Workshop XVI - The Role of Lab Associations and Network across the Region: Shared Experiences

Closing Ceremony

Special Guest - DJ Wambo

Special Thanks to all sponsors

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