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CelebrateLAB® West Africa Conference 2023 Schedules and Streams

Laboratory Professionals Annual Meeting

CelebrateLAB® West Africa Conference 2024

July 16-18, 2024

Abuja, Nigeria

Theme: “Propelling Our Professionals into the Future of NOW!!”

Highlighting Research and Diagnostics in West Africa

Join the discussion of improving laboratory systems during Medical Laboratory Professionals Week and be a part of the change in dynamics of laboratory science in West Africa.


Clarine Simpson Vaughn
CEO, CelebrateLAB®

“We have embarked on the 10th Anniversary of CelebrateLAB® West Africa with the future of the laboratory profession at the top of mind. This event will be unlike our other conferences. We expect to bring innovation into implementation, spark ideas on the possibilities for the profession while providing practical support and avenues for “Propelling our Professionals into the Future of Now! This scientific conference has been expanded during this milestone year to highlight that in diagnostics and research, We Get Results!

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